A teacher favorite, used in thousands of classrooms across Texas!


  • Preview, practice, and review in a 2-week spiral
  • Covers all grade-specific math TEKS
  • Just 10 minutes a day!

Easy to Implement

  • Specially designed to supplement any math curriculum
  • Bulletin board with custom pockets for display,
  • Virtual for interactive whiteboards, Apple TV, or
  • PLUS for student devices

Up to Date

  • Fully updated to the newest math TEKS for grades K-6
  • Virtual and PLUS versions updated during your license term to the latest standards


  • PLUS and Virtual Board available in English or Spanish!

Bulletin Board Features

  • Familiar bulletin board design
  • Bright, colorful, year-round format
  • Buy it once and use it for the entirety of the TEKS implementation
  • Easily accessible all day long for students

Virtual Program Features

  • No download or setup required
  • Toggling onscreen tools to help in visualization and explanation
  • Includes 6 weeks review of previous grade level
  • Available in Spanish for grades K-5

Plus Program Features

  • 1:1 for use on any student device
  • Integrates with Google Classroom or any LTI-enabled LMS
  • Interactive Feedback
  • Student-guided learning aids
  • Automatic Grading on most assignments
  • Available in Spanish for grades K-5

Here at Lone Star Learning, we understand that class time is precious but exam scores are paramount. That's why we've created TEKSas Target Practice™! The program is designed as a year-long spiral, covering all of the TEKS in each 2-week cycle. This means students get a chance to preview the TEKS they've not had a chance to cover in class, practice the ones they are currently learning, and review the ones from previous weeks. It also means students become proficient with the spiral, leading to decreased teacher involvement as the year progresses. TEKSas Target Practice™ has also been specially designed to integrate into any curriculum, so incorporating it into your routine will be seamless!

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